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35kV 630A Deadbreak Tee Front Connector

Short Description:

35kV 630A T Cable Connector provides a fully screened and fully submersible connection when mated with the proper bushing or plug. For connection of polymeric cable to transformers, switch gear, motors, and other equipment with a remolded separable connector. Optional capacitance test point allows for an easy check of the circuit status or installation of a fault indicator. These 36kV 630A T Cable Connector are made by EPDM with the good quality.

Product Detail

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Kit contents:

● Deadbreak T Body

● Insulation

● Conductor cable lug

● Adaptor

● Two head screw

● Clearing Paper

● Silicone Lubricant

● Installation Instruction Sheet

● Quality Certificate

Product Structure:

1、Semi-conductive EPDM and controls electrical stresses at nose of mating load break product.

2、EPDM INSULATION: High quality sulfur cured EPDM insulation is mixed and formulated in-house for complete control of insulating rubber characteristics.

3、SEMI-CONDUCTIVE INSERT: Molded EPDM conducting rubber screen controls electrical stress.

4、GROUNDING EYE: Molded into the external screen for connection of an earthing wire.

5、STRESS RELIEF: The configuration of the outer screen and the cable adapter provide cable stress relief.

6、CONDUCTOR CABLELUG: Aluminum compression connector is sized to ensure a cool running connector with maximum current transfer.

7、INSULATING PLUG: Molded epoxy insulating plug provides excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability.

8、TWO HEAD SCREW: To make sure have a good contact with the apparatus bushing. SEMI-CONDUCTIVE SHIELD INSERT: Semi-conductive insert is molded of semi

    Reference No.  Conductor Cross Section(mm²)  Cable Approximate Diameter(mm)
   TT-35/630-50                  50                   31
   TT-35/630-70                  70                 32.6
   TT-35/630-95                  95                 34.2
   TT-35/630-120                 120                 35.6
   TT-35/630-150                 150                 37.2
   TT-35/630-185                 185                 38.7
   TT-35/630-240                 240                 41.1
   TT-35/630-300                 300                 43.2
   TT-35/630-400                 400                 46.4

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