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35KV cold shrinkable cable terminal, single core outdoor terminal

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Cold shrink cable termination is made of liquid silicone rubber and is aging, UV, humid, tracking and erosion resistant. High elasticity and ability to shrink ensure powerful and constant active pressure between rubber and cable that can respond to expanding or shrinking cable diameters under load cycle.


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Model: WLS-35/1

Voltage: 35KV

Cable sectional area:50-500mm2 

It mainly divided into the single core, two-core, three-core, four-core, five-cove, which is widely used in the terminals processing and middle connection of low-voltage electric cable. Cold Shrinkable cable accessories adopt the most advanced thchnology of cold shrinkable, dispense with using fire or others special tools. Only need to draw out the wires, when you prepare for installaion, and the elastomer will rapidly shrink and appress to the installation position.

Product details

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 Product parameters

Product model:WLS-35/1  Rated voltage:35KV
Power-Frequency withstand voltage:10KV 5 min power frequency withstand voltage:110KV no flashover and no breakdown
Partial discharge experiment:Discharge power at 15KV<10PC 15min DC withstand voltage:125KV no flashover and no breakdown
Tensile strength:>14 Impact pressure test:95KV±10 no flashover and no breakdown


Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kits are suitable for both Indoor (Cable box, switchgear, transformer) and Outdoor (Pole mounted) applications, used for terminating single core armored and unarmored polymeric insulated cables.
* Cold shrinkage technique
With the advantage of rubber “elastic memory” and advanced expansion technology, the manufactured cable terminal is stretched out in advance within the elastic range and inserted into the plastic support strip. Pull out the plastic support strip when installing, the rubber part of the cable terminal will quickly shrink and cling to the cable.
* Reliable insulation
The raw material is purchased from International famous companies GE, DOW CORNING and Wacker. High quality liquid silicone rubber, reliable insulation performance, excellent electrical performance. Silicone rubber material is strong anti-fouling and corrosion resistance, long service life. The stress cone curve enhances the margin design, so insulation performance is more reliable.
* Good sealing
Special sealing adhesive is used in each connection part of the cable terminal, and the entire cable terminal is isolated from the atmospheric environment, to avoid the operation accident caused by environmental problems.
* Easy to install
All cable accessories parts have been prefabricated in the factory. When installing, just follow the instructions. Professional tools are no needed, simple and fast, safe and reliable.
* Advanced equipment
We produce the cable accessories by the advanced glue production equipment In the dust-free workshop environment.
* High voltage test
The electrical performance of cable final transmission was tested in 200kV fully shielded non-local discharge laboratory to ensure the quality of products.
* Be widely used
Because of the good anti-pollution performance of silicone rubber: strong aging resistance; Strong hydrophobic performance: strong cold resistance characteristics, so the cable terminal is suitable for high altitude areas, wet areas, cold areas, salt spray areas and heavy pollution areas. Especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining and other flammable industries.

Selection specification

Product model  

 Cable sectional area


      WLS -35/1.1      



WLS -35/1.2



WLS -35/1.3



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