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1KV five core cold shrink intermediate connector

Short Description:

The cold shrink cable joint is suitable for 1 or 3-core XLPE cable with Al or Cu conductor (1-36kV).
The joint body is made of advanced liquid silicone rubber with integrated stress control. This design vouches for the best possible interface, thereby greatly minimizing partial discharge and improving its performance during operation. The joint kit includes all the necessary components to make the installation.




Product Detail

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Product attributes

Voltage: 1KV

Cable sectional area:10-400mm2 

 1KV silicone rubber cold shrink cable terminal is suitable for 0.6/1KV PVC, crosslinked polyethylene, rubber and plastic insulated single core, two core, three core, four core, five core power cable.

Product details

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Product parameters

Product model:JLS-1/5 Rated voltage:1KV
Power-Frequency withstand voltage:1KV  

5 min power frequency withstand voltage:4KV no flashover and no breakdown

Partial discharge experiment:Discharge power at 4KV<10PC

15min DC withstand voltage:4KV no flashover and no breakdown
Tensile strength:>14 Impact pressure test:8KV±10 no flashover and no breakdown

Selection specification

Product name Model The application of cable section(mm²) Unit
Three Core Terminal LS-1/3.0 10~16 SET
LS-1/3.1  25-50 SET
LS-1/3.2 70-120 SET
LS-1/3.3 150-240 SET
LS-1/3.4 300-400 SET
Three Core Cable Middle Joint JLS-1/3.0 10~16 SET
JLS-1/3.1 25-50 SET
JLS-1/3.2 70-120 SET
JLS-1/3.3 150-240 SET
JLS-1/3.4 300-400 SET
Four Core Terminal LS-1/4.0 10~16 SET
LS-1/4.1 25-50 SET
LS-1/4.2 70-120 SET
LS-1/4.3 150-240 SET
LS-1/4.4 300-400 SET
Four Core Cable Middle Joint JLS-1/4.0 10~16 SET
JLS-1/4.1 25-50 SET
JLS-1/4.2 70-120 SET
JLS-1/4.3 150-240 SET
JLS-1/4.4 300-400 SET
Five Core Cable Middle Joint LS-1/5.0 10~16 SET
LS-1/5.1 25-50 SET
LS-1/5.2 70-120 SET
LS-1/5.3 150-240 SET
LS-1/5.4 300-400 SET
Five Core Cable Middle Joint JLS-1/5.0 10~16 SET
JLS-1/5.1 25-50 SET
JLS-1/5.2 70-120 SET
JLS-1/5.3 150-240 SET
JLS-1/5.4 300-400 SET



1. Environmental top sealing treatment
Three steps to provide a seal to against the entrance of the external environment.
2. Excellent external housing
LSR offers excellent hydrophobicity and great anti-tracking property to ensure the power safety.
3. Stress control
Stress cone adopts well designed geography analysis to smooth out the high stress area.
4. Earth connection
Adopt Solderless earth connection to connect metal screen or armour to ground. For cables with wire screen, copper wires are imbedded in the sealing mastic to prevent any corrosion by moisture sealing.

Usage scenario

High voltage power station, voltage tower, urban power, power engineering, railway transportation, port.




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