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Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Middle Connector 1 kV Two-Core

Short Description:

The connectors are insulated and sealed with adhesive coated insulation tubes. The outer tube provides mechanical protection and chemical resistance as expected from cable oversheath. All joints are designed to allow crossing of cable cores.
The joints are designed for 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-core cables with or without armour.

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A wide range of glass fiber reinforced plastic shell products. mainly 10kV single core 10kV three core, 35kV single core 35kV three core,

The main function of the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell is to withstand the impact of a certain external force and damage to the middle joint.

Installation Method:

1 preparations
1.1 Check the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell for the specifications and dimensions and the outer diameter of the cable and the middle head (stress cone or copper shell) with the size of the match;
1.2 Check the sealing material of the FRP shell (the sealing gasket of the opening of the HAF, the sealing material of the FRP shell
and the cable and the heat-shrink tube) are complete;
1.3 Check the high-voltage cable epoxy mud two-component cable plastic packaging is complete, the number of components 1s
2. Fiberglass housing assembly,For the installation of the FRP shell of the middle section of the cleaning process, install the upper and lower half of the fiberglass shell, leads to coaxial cable or grounding cable, tighten a number of bolts, explosion-proof box two-port and coaxial cable or grounding cable sealing treatment Waterproof sealing tape and shrink shrink tube};
3. Add talc to the epoxy mud, and then the two components of the high-voltage cable epoxy mud together to stir evenlγ;
4FiII the two ends of glass fiber reinforced plastic shell with epoxy mud; epoxy mud filled to the shell a little oblique part, and then wrapped around the waterproof belt. The two ports wrapped tightly.
5.Seal the cover,the installation is complete.

Suitable for 0.6/1 KV polyvinyl chloride, crosslinked polyethylene, rubber insulated single core,two core, three core. four core. five 10kV Heat shrinkable power cable terminal core power cable.

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Note: the use of LPG spray gun shrink the material, with red flame is appropriate, position gradually to the ends of the uniform heating, should avoid local burn and high fever products. The use of propane spray gun or hair dryer heating shrinkage.

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