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15kV 200A Load Break PT Elbow Connector

Short Description:

Elbow Connector is a fully-shielded and insulated plug­in termination for connecting underground cable to distribution power system of pad-mound transformer, surrounding power supply branch box, cable branch box equipped with load break bushings. The elbow connector and bushing insert comprise the essential components of all load break connections.


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Model: ZL-15/200

Voltage: 15KV

Cable sectional area: 35-185mm2

Sample:Free sample

product details:

ZL-15/200 elbow cable connector,Sealed insulation, safe and reliable


Model specification:

Product name    

Conductor Cross Section

Diameter of cable

ZL-15/200 elbow cable



ZL-15/200 elbow cable



ZL-15/200 elbow cable



ZL-15/200 elbow cable



ZL-15/200 elbow cable



Green environmental protection, safe and secure

Adopt non-toxic and odorless materials, which are safe, environmentally friendly and elastic


Exquisite craftsmanship, full of materials

The interior is made of pure copper material, which has excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity ductility

And corrosion resistance. Ensure safe use of electricity


Product live shot:

3_02 3_03 3_04

Application:Load break connector is a fully shielded and insulated termination for connecting underground cable to transformers, switch gear, and other apparatus equipped with load break bushings, junctions, or other load break connectors.

1, PULLING EYE: Stainless steel reinforced for positive shotgun stick switching operations.
2, INSULATION: High-quality EPDM rubber formulated, mixed, and milled in-house for consistent and reliable field performance.
3, SEMI-CONDUCTIVE INSERT: High-quality EPDM rubber creates a smooth surface around the “current interchange” to evenly distribute electrical stress within the insulation.
4, TEST POINT(OPTIONAL): Corrosion-resistance, conductive electrode provides consistent capacitive voltage for application of fault indicators and determining a circuit’s state (cap not shown)
5, SEMI-CONDUCTIVE SHIELD: High-quality EPDM rubber provides protective dead front shield that meets requirements of IEEE Standard 592.
6, LOAD BREAK PROBE: Tin-plated copper probe with arc-ablative tip (arc follower)
7, CONDUCTOR CABLE LUG: Inertia-welded aluminum barrel and threaded copper lug makes crimping easy and ensures a tight, reliable electrical connection with load break probe. 

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