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1KV Cold Shrink Tube,four core cold shrinkage middle connector

Short Description:

Cold shrink cable accessories is a kind of new cable accessories which is prefabricated by adopting high elasticity sillicon rubber. This product is provided with special dieletric properly, the performance of resistance against tracking and coorrosion are strong, special water absorption rate, the constant shrinkage force, and it will not be insulation dead angle because the cable is bended. When is is installed at locale, it need not the heat source and spcial tool, so it improves the safety and reliability of product. This product has many other advantages else, such as excellent capability, nocel construction and convenient installation, when you use it, you only need to tear the plank, and then it will self reset. This product is widely used in the following fields. electric power, communication, war industry, metallurgy, miniing and petroleum chenical industry, etc

Product Detail

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 Product attributes

Model: JLS-1/4

Voltage: 1KV

Cable sectional area:10-400mm2 

1KV silicone rubber cold shrink cable terminal is suitable for 0.6/1KV PVC, crosslinked polyethylene, rubber and plastic insulated single core, two core, three core, four core, five core power cable.

Product details


Protecting the system for indoor or outdoor work, the silicone cold shrink jacket means reliable system installation without the skilled manpower demands or risk that comes with applied heat—not to mention the hot-work permits.
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Product parameters

Product model:JLS-1/4 Rated voltage:1KV
Power-Frequency withstand voltage:1KV  

5 min power frequency withstand voltage:4KV no flashover and no breakdown

Partial discharge experiment:Discharge power at 4KV<10PC

15min DC withstand voltage:4KV no flashover and no breakdown
Tensile strength:>14 Impact pressure test:8KV±10 no flashover and no breakdown

Usage scenario

High voltage power station, voltage tower, urban power, power engineering, railway transportation, port.

Selection specification

Product model  

 Cable sectional area


JLS -1/4.0



      JLS -1/4.1      



JLS -1/4.2



JLS -1/4.3



JLS -1/4.4



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