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35KV cold shrinkable cable terminal, single core indoor terminal

Short Description:

  • The Cold Shrink EC-Series End Caps protect cables, pipes and other cylindrical objects from exposure to moisture, contamination, corrosion, ozone, ultra-violet radiation, physical contact and other environmental hazards.

Product Detail

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Product attributes

Model: NLS-35/1

Voltage: 35KV

Cable sectional area:50-800mm2 

Made of EPDM rubber
Offering good mechanical, insulation and sealing protection
Accommodating a wide range of cable sizes
For indoor or outdoor applications
Simple and fast installation

Product details

Features :Full ranges of products, from 10kV to 35kV. Liquid silicone rubber has an excellent dielectric strength, excellent aging andcorona resistances.
lts High permanent set value makes sure it has a 24 months maximum shelf life.Trackless expanding technology makes sure there are not mechanical expandingtrack after the supporting core removed. Eliminate the running risks.

Product parameters

Product model:NLS-35/1       Rated voltage:35KV
Power-Frequency withstand voltage:10KV  

5 min power frequency withstand voltage:110KV no flashover and no breakdown

Partial discharge experiment:Discharge power at 15KV<10PC

15min DC withstand voltage:125KV no flashover and no breakdown
Tensile strength:>14 Impact pressure test:95KV±10 no flashover and no breakdown

Usage scenario

High voltage power station, voltage tower, urban power, power engineering, railway transportation, port.

Selection specification

Product model  

 Cable sectional area


      NLS -35/1.1      



NLS -35/1.2



NLS -35/1.3



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