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10KV Three Cores Outdoor Heat Shrinkable Termination Kits

Short Description:

Heat shrinkable power cable accessories are provided with the benefits of light weight,reliable application and easy installation.

Widely applied in industries of electric,power,petrochemical,metallurgy,railway,port and construction,etc.Used for the intermediate and terminal joints of oil-immersion cable and cross-linking cable up to 35kV.

1. The cross-linked cable thermal shrinkable termination uses the double-earthing technology, in which the
steel armour earthing separates from the copper shield earthing, so that the cable trial is more reasonable.
A. Test the steel armour earthing and earth resistance, if it is conducted, it means the cable protection surface
is dameged.
B. Test the resistance between two earthings, if it is conducted, it means the external sheath is damaged;
test the earth resistance of copper shield earthing, if it is conducted, it means both the internal and external
protection surfaces are damaged.
C. The phase will never fade.
D. The triangular prick is developed for the purpose of convenient operation.
E. The taper-shaped fingertip will never be cracked.
2. The cross-linked cable heat shrinkable cable joint uses the new technology (three-seal technology).
A. The breakdown of cable intermediary joint is caused by poor seal, so our company adopts the new
technology to make the cable operate more safely and conveniently. The three-seal refers to the external
protection seal, internal protection seal, and the seal between two ends of insulation tube.
B. The insulation tube is prolonged to solve the problem of power seize.
C. The protection tube is very soft and shrink fastly.

Product Detail

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Product Information

Product name:10kV Thermal Shrinkage Terminal 

Place of Origin:Hubei ,China 

Rated Voltage: 10KV

Cable sectional area:25~500 mm2

Tensile Strength:≥14Mpa


Type:Insulation  sleeving,splice,heat shrinkable,heat shrinkable

Product Description

The product has excellent insulation, environmental protection, flexibility, stable performance, low shrinkage temperature, fast shrinkage and other characteristics.
Product Name Specifications
Cable Section Application(mm²)
10kV Three-core Indoor terminal NSY-10/3.1 25-50
NSY-10/3.2 70-120
NSY-10/3.3 150-240

product description01

Product purpose
This product is widely used in continuous insulation treatment of 10kV XLPE cable terminal. According to the number of cable cores, it can be divided into single core and three cores. It can also satisfy different parts of the cable. The model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, reliable operation and convenient.

product description02

Heat shrinkable terminal
10kV cable protective heat insulation cover Kit indoor insulated terminal sleeve has excellent insulation,environmental protection, flexibility, stable performance, low shrinkage temperature, fast shrinkage and other characteristics.
Note: the use of LPG spray gun shrink the material, with red flame is appropriate, position gradually to the ends of the uniform heating, should avoid local burn and high fever products. The use of propane spray gun or hair dryer heating shrinkage.

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