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Wang Dingxing, deputy mayor of Guangshui city, went to keer power to investigate production and operation, platform construction and talent construction

On the afternoon of August 29, Wang Dingxing, deputy mayor of Guangshui City, led He Zheng, deputy director of the Municipal Science, Technology, Economics and Information Bureau, and Feng Lipeng, chief of the department, to Keer Power to investigate production and operation, platform construction and talent construction, and coordinated on-site to solve the development and construction of our company difficulties and problems in. Zuo Pingsheng and Yin Kewen, deputy general managers of our company, accompanied the whole process.


During the investigation, Deputy Mayor Wang had in-depth exchanges with our deputy general managers Zuo Pingsheng and Yin Kewen to learn more about our company’s employment, production, revenue, taxation, platform construction, talent recruitment, etc., and listened to our company’s development The main difficulties and problems faced in the He said that he will give full play to the functions of the department with a positive attitude, start from solving problems and promote work, increase service efforts in platform construction, talent introduction, and project declaration, and solidly carry out enterprise assistance activities to assist enterprises in solving difficulties and problems , enhance the independent innovation capability of enterprises, promote the high-quality development of enterprises, and welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical actions.


Vice Mayor Wang pointed out that “talent is the first resource” and “innovation is the first driving force”, which requires our company to pay attention to the development of talents, and always put talents in an important strategic position, in terms of talent motivation, core team building and overall team improvement. On the one hand, we will work hard to promote the growth of talents and the development of the enterprise to resonate at the same frequency, so that all kinds of outstanding talents can be retained and used well in the enterprise. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously enlarge the advantages of the platform, strengthen cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, strive to create provincial and municipal scientific research platforms and R&D institutions, improve the quality and level of existing innovation platforms, and continuously enhance the development of technological innovation capabilities and core competitiveness of enterprises force.


He asked, first, vigorously develop production and management, focus on insisting on the basis of production and management, concentrate on production, and single-mindedly seek development. The second is to focus on platform construction, strengthen innovation subjects, increase the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, focus on chain innovation, and further strengthen the construction of talent innovation platforms. The third is to pay attention to the introduction of talents, establish and improve the career achievement talents, the industry gathers talents, and create an environment for talent innovation.


The visit and guidance of Vice Mayor Wang and his entourage provided valuable suggestions for our company’s future work implementation. Delo Power will continue to forge ahead, always adhere to the drive of innovation, establish a brand development strategy, expand and deepen basic research, deeply integrate smart technology, continue to promote the intelligent development of the industry, and bravely climb the peak.

Post time: Aug-29-2022