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Long cable technology participated, the first 110kV polypropylene insulated power cable line of the State Grid was put into operation

On June 29, 2024, the 110kV polypropylene insulated power cable was jointly developed by State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, Shandong Institute of Electric Science and Technology, Qingdao Hancable Stock (002498) Co., LTD., supporting the cable accessories of Long Cable Technology (002879), and successfully delivered electricity in the Qingdao 110kV Tunnan Line B relocation project. It marks the official operation of the first 110kV polypropylene insulated power cable line in the State grid system.

The high-voltage cable made of “green” polypropylene material has the characteristics of low production energy consumption, recyclable utilization, high operating temperature and so on to improve the cable transmission capacity, enrich the application scenarios of domestic green cables, and is of great significance to accelerate the green and low-carbon development process of the new power system equipment of the State Grid. To lay a solid foundation for its future application to the construction of large urban agglomeration, offshore wind power grid access and other fields.

Compared with XLPE insulated cables of the same specifications and voltage levels, polypropylene insulated power cables have higher insulation hardness and are difficult to deal with semi-conductive shield fractures, which brings new challenges to the installation of power cable accessories. In order to ensure the suitability of polypropylene insulated cable and outdoor terminal accessories, long cable technology has formed a set of fast and reliable cable accessories construction process operation flow, carefully deployed and closely coordinated to successfully complete the installation of accessories of the line.

With the acceleration of China’s urbanization process, the construction of power infrastructure continues to advance, and the attention of society to environmental protection and energy efficiency continues to increase, the cable accessories industry will pay more attention to technological innovation and green environmental protection. In the future, Long Cable Technology will continue to increase product research and development in the field of new energy, green and security, provide reliable guarantee for the stable operation of the power grid, and make positive contributions to the green and low-carbon development of China’s high voltage cable industry.

Post time: Jul-05-2024