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In 2025, the market size of cable accessories is expected to exceed 9 billion yuan!

     Cable accessories are mainly used in power, communication, rail transit, petrochemical and other industries. In the power industry, cable accessories are mainly used for power grid construction and power supply construction projects. With the promotion of power grid construction strategies such as “west-east power transmission, North-South mutual supply, national networking” and the rise of new energy construction, cable accessories have played an important role in remote area power supply, Marine power supply, urban network capacity expansion and transformation, new energy utilization, and improving the power quality of distribution networks. The market shows good growth.

     There are many factors that affect the demand for cable accessories, such as macroeconomic development, fixed asset investment in the field of power grid, development of downstream industries, and product prices. In terms of macroeconomic development, a good economic development trend will promote the growth of fixed asset investment in the field of power grid, and then drive the growth of cable accessories industry demand; From the perspective of the development of the downstream industry, in recent years, China’s power grid, rail transit, new energy and other industries as a whole have maintained a good development trend, to a certain extent, promoted the increase in the demand for cable accessories industry, in 2022, China’s cable accessories market size reached 8.164 billion yuan, is expected to exceed 9 billion yuan in 2025.

     At present, the number of domestic cable accessories manufacturers is very large, and the market competition pattern presents a “pyramid” structure with the improvement of voltage levels. Among them, the low and medium voltage cable accessories market entry threshold is low, the number of industry enterprises is large, and competition is fierce; High voltage cable accessories market technical threshold is high, the number of enterprises is small, the market competition is relatively relaxed, long cable technology, Long Park Group, Qingdao Hancable, TebeA, Wall nuclear materials, Anrely intelligence and other domestic enterprises and a few foreign or joint venture manufacturers such as Sumitomo, Pressman occupy the main position; In the field of ultra-high voltage cable accessories, Long cable Technology is one of the very few enterprises in the world that can independently develop and produce 500kV and above AC and DC ultra-high voltage cable accessories, and has been in the same ladder with internationally renowned enterprises such as Pressman and Sumitomo Electric.

Post time: May-14-2024