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Hubei institute of technology visited keer power for school-enterprise cooperation

In order to jointly promote the cooperation between schools and enterprises, on the afternoon of September 15th, accompanied by Liu Fei, deputy mayor of Guangshui City, and Fang Yanjun, director of the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Ma Xuejun, director of the scientific research department of Hubei Institute of Technology, and graduate employment work Liu Xian, director of the department, and Zhang Linxian, dean of the School of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering, came to our company for investigation and investigation. Zuo Pingsheng and Yin Kewen, vice presidents of the company, extended a warm welcome to the delegation from Hubei Institute of Technology and city leaders.


The delegation visited the Delo power production base and held discussions and exchanges. At the symposium, Vice President Yin of our company introduced the company’s development history, business model, and school-enterprise cooperation projects to the delegation, focusing on our company’s achievements in long-term planning, technology upgrading, intelligent production, and talent reserves. Long-term planning and school-enterprise cooperation construction, etc. Vice President Zuo introduced the research and development, design, production and sales of our company’s cable accessories and insulation products in detail, and explained the cold and heat shrinkable cable accessories, cable branch boxes, power fittings, power Equipment, surge arresters, box-type substations, high and low voltage electrical appliances and complete sets of equipment are widely used in environments and places.


Director Ma Xuejun expressed his admiration for the spirit of continuous innovation and development of Delo Power and forging ahead. He also said that Hubei Institute of Technology attaches great importance to this visit. At the same time, he explained the background and significance of this investigation and survey, introduced the school’s running situation and achievements, and hoped that through this visit and discussion exchanges, the two sides can enhance understanding, and then Give full play to the respective advantages of schools and enterprises, implement the promotion of skilled personnel training, improve the ability of new product research and development and innovation, and jointly contribute to the development of science and technology innovation economy.


In this symposium, both the school and the enterprise expressed a strong willingness to cooperate, and hoped that the two sides could cooperate and win-win, and jointly cultivate a new generation of talents. In the next step, the two parties will carry out further consultations on the cooperation mechanism and cooperation model, with a view to reaching a cooperation agreement as soon as possible and achieving results.

Post time: Sep-15-2022