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Heat Shrinkable Middle Joint Heat Shrinkable 10kV Three Core

Short Description:

1.sets of sealed insulation protection – cable branch

2.insulation pipe cable core reinforced insulation protection box

3.stress management – control of power plant distribution to improve the electrical stress concentration of high voltage cables

4.sealing and waterproofing of the outer layer of the cable terminal  connection

5.rain skirt – increase the distance of the cable terminal head

6auxiliary materials – filled rubber. ribbons.semi conductive self-adhesive tape insulation tape.grounding wire, cleaning agents,gov

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Heat shrinkable power cable termination ,  widely used for 35kv and below voltage class XLPE cable or oil-immersed cable terminal. Compared with the traditional cable accessories,it have advantages of:Small size, light weight, safe, reliable, easy to install.
Products meet GB11033 standard, long-term use temperature range of -55 ° C ~ 105 °C, the aging life of up to 20 years, Radial quartile shrinkage rate ≥ 50% , Longitudinal shrinkage rate<5%.Contraction temperature:110°C~140°C.
Heat shrinkable termination kits and straight through joints for 1-core, 2-cores, 3-cores, 4-cores and 5-cores. Features: 1) Kits for indoor and outdoor applications for a wide range of conductor cross sections are available 2) Termination kits consists of breakouts and medium wall heat shrinkable tubing 3) Joint kits include varieties sizes of medium wall tubing.
Heat shrinkable termination kits are easy to install and designed in compliance with international design and providing standards. We provided heat shrinkable termination kits of high tensile and breakdown strength and provide them to our clients within a short time frame.

Excellent behaviors under environmental pollution
Wide cross-section range
Easy to handle
Adequate stress control.

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Note: the use of LPG spray gun shrink the material, with red flame is appropriate, position gradually to the ends of the uniform heating, should avoid local burn and high fever products. The use of propane spray gun or hair dryer heating shrinkage.

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