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17/50kV M.O.V Bushing Surge Arrester

Short Description:

17/50kv M.O.V Bushing Surge Arrester provides a reliable protective medium voltage network.Using the semi-conductive shield to make sure the person is safe and the equipment can work well,also they have the high quantity to make sure they can work in the circumstances.

The 17/50kv M.O.V Bushing Surge Arrester can be use together with the T back connector.

Provides fully shielded dead front arrester protection.
Metal (zinc) Oxide Varistor (MOV) gapless design.

EPDM insulation rubber molded around MOV module.

Mounting can be vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between.

No minimum phase clearance requirements.

100% electrical tested at factory.

KEER specialized in Elbow Surge Arrester Insert, we supply high quality Elbow Surge Arrester Insert. Our products accord with IEEE386, and IEC standards.

17/50kV Surge Arrester Insert is widely used on medium voltage network, such as transformers switch gears and cable and others, used together with load break cable accessories such as bushing elbow connector and insulated protective cap.

1.EPDM INSULATION: High quality sulfur cured EPDM insulation is mixed and formulated in-house for complete control of insulation rubber characteristics.
2.SEMI-CONDUCTIVE SHIELD: Molded semi-conductive EPDM shield meets requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 592.
3.ARRESTER CORE: Compose of the zinc oxide lightning arrester valve slice which through special process treatment.
4.PROBE: Probe provides reliable conductive path with mating female contacts.
5.GROUNDING WIRE:(Optional for larger grounding wire) Used for impulse voltage effective after leads to grounding position.

Product Structure

1.the insulation layer:a unique formulation and mixing technology to ensure the quality of the quality of precast EPDM insulation rubber.

2.the outer semi conductive layer: EPDM conductive rubber prefabricated conforms to the IEEE592 standard.

3.lightning arrester core: composed of Zinc Oxide MOA through special craft processing.

4.copper, copper bottom cover bottom cover and the outer conductive layer arrester closely, make effective waterproof arrester, and provide grounding for lightning arrester.

5.the lower end of the grounding wire: surge arresters onboard ground, will effectively grounding for lightning impulse voltage led to the grounding position.

6.an inner semiconductive layer: prefabricated EPDM conductive rubber effective electrical stress control.

7.double headed bolt: bolt tinned copper conductor and the casing to ensure close coordination.

8.insulator end cover: the product has an insulating sealing effect.

Product Detail

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Product attributes

Model: KE HBLQ-17/50

Voltage: 17KV

Product details

product description01

17/50KV M.O.V Bushing Surge Arrester

Sealed and insulated, safe and reliable

product description02

Green environmental protection, safe and assured

The use of non-toxic, tasteless materials, safety, environmental protection, elastic.

product description03

Exquisite workmanship, full of materials.

product description04

The interior is made of pure copper material with excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity ductility.

Usage scenario

High voltage power station, voltage tower, urban power, power engineering, railway transportation, port.

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