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35KV Heat Shrinkable Termination Kits & Straight Through Joint

Short Description:

15-35kV Heat Shrinkable Termination Kits are suitable for medium-voltaged single-core and three-core PVC and XLPE power cable splicing, with good electrical and mechanical properties.

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Port:Shanghai Port & Ningbo Port
Payment:Western Union,L/C,T/T


1. Consists of indoor & outdoor termination for polymeric insulated and paper insulated cable.

2. Excellent electrical stress release property achieved by heat shrinkable stress control tubing at the screen cut.

3. High electrical insulation value and unrestricted shelf life.

4. Water & moisture proof and good mechanical strength.

5. Good resistance against UV-radiation and chemicals.

6. Outstanding environmental resistance and good performance in polluted area.

7. The products are fully in accordance with IEC 60502.4, GB/T12706.4 and other standards.

Electrical Performance:

Item Parameter
Rated Power 15kV 24kV 35kV
Power frequency dry-state withstand voltage 39kV/5min 54kV/5min 105kV/5min
Power frequency damp-state withstand voltage 39kV/5min 54kV/5min 105kV/5min
Power frequency long-time withstand voltage 35kV/4h 48kV/4h 78kV/4h
Surge withstand voltage 105kV (±10 times) 125kV (±10 times) 140kV (±10 times)
DC withstand voltage 52kV/15min 96kV/15min 156kV/15min
Partial discharge 15kV<10pc 20kV<10pc 45kV<10pc

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