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35kv cold shrinkable cable three-core intermediate connector

Short Description:

High pressure cold shrink insulation tube

High pressure cold shrink insulation tube is the insulation tube we produce. It is suitable for use under high pressure levels. For high pressure cold shrink insulation tube, and naturally has low pressure cold shrink insulation tube.

High pressure cold shrink insulation tube, is gray and bright, gray is the cold shrink insulation tube made of silicone rubber, and the white inside is the support strip, because the cold shrink product itself does not need be heated. The shrinking method is to withdraw the inner support strip, and the insulation tube can be retracted at a natural temperature.

Usually, high pressure cold shrink insulation tube commonly used in the market is gray. As a manufacturer, we accept color customization. We also accept length customization.

Product purpose

35kV high voltage cold shrink small diameter connector for cable organizer has good electrical and mechanical properties. There is no need to use fire when installing ,so It is more safe and reliable. It can be used in petroleum, chemical industry, mine, underwater and other harsh conditions.

Cable Terminal,Termination Kit,Heat Shrink Termination Kit commonly known as heat  shrinkable cable head, widely used for 35kv and below voltage class XLPE cable or oil-immersed cable terminal. Compared with the traditional cable accessories,it have advantages of:Small size, light weight, safe, reliable, easy to install. Products meet GB11033 standard, long-term use temperature range of -55 ° C ~ 105 °C, the aging life of up to 20 years, Radial quartile shrinkage rate ≥ 50% , Longitudinal shrinkage rate<5%.Contraction temperature:110°C~140°C.

Power cable accessories  sand distribution lines and related power distnibutionare products that connect cables with transmission devices. They generally refer to the intermediate connection and terminal connection of various cables in the cable line. Their purpose is to restore the electrical insulation performance of the cable to realize the electrical equipment. The reliable connection between the power cable accessories and the cables together constitutes the power transmission network: the cable accessories are mainly based on the characteristics of the cable structure, which can restore the performance of the cable. and ensure the extension of the cable length and the connection of the terminal. The reliability of high-voltage cable accessories can be judged from the aspects of electrical performance. sealing moisture-proof performance. mechanical performance and process performance.

Product Detail

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Product attributes

Model: JLS-35/3

Voltage: 35KV

Cable sectional area:50-500mm2 

Product details

product description01 product description02

Product parameters

Product model:JLS-35/3       Rated voltage:35KV
Power-Frequency withstand voltage:10KV  

5 min power frequency withstand voltage:110KV no flashover and no breakdown

Partial discharge experiment:Discharge power at 15KV<10PC

15min DC withstand voltage:125KV no flashover and no breakdown
Tensile strength:>14 Impact pressure test:95KV±10 no flashover and no breakdown


Features And Benefits

1) Kits for indoor and outdoor applications for a wide range of conductor cross sections are available

2) Termination kits consists of breakouts and medium wall heat shrinkable tubing

3) Joint kits include varieties sizes of medium wall tubing.

Selection specification

Product model  

 Cable sectional area


      JLS -35/3.1      



JLS -35/3.2



JLS -35/3.3



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