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The Spring Festival and Lantern Festival have passed, and all walks of life have started work. On February 28, Liu Xiuling, director of the Standing Committee of Guangshui Municipal People’s Congress, and Sun Yu, secretary of the Party Committee of Yingshan Office, visited Dele Power to carry out field visits and guidance. Liu Xiuling, director of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, said that the government attaches great importance to the working status of local enterprises, field visits to enterprises, can comprehensively examine the progress of the work of enterprises, timely find possible problems, discuss solutions, and help the steady development of enterprises.


Director Liu Xiuling conducted a comprehensive survey of the enterprise, covering the construction and development of the company’s party building work, the measures and effects of safe production, the system and practice of production and operation management, as well as the strategy and status quo of the enterprise in recruitment and employment. She also paid special attention to the living conditions and working conditions of front-line production workers, and expressed concern and condolences to grass-roots employees.



Director Liu Xiuling stressed that the company’s general manager Zuo Hongyan, as a representative of the Guangshui Municipal People’s Congress in Suizhou City, is a model among entrepreneurs and has made great contributions to actively promote the power industry industrial park. Seize strategic opportunities in the current economic situation and market environment, and bravely face and overcome various challenges. She clearly stressed that the government will continue to maintain a strong support attitude for enterprises, not only to provide better government services and policy guarantees, but also to create a more favorable development environment for enterprises.

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At the same time, Sun Yu, secretary of the Party Committee of Yingshan Office, said that under the background of the deepening process of economic globalization, the challenges and opportunities faced by enterprises coexist, and are becoming more complex and diversified. It is necessary to grasp the real operation of local enterprises more directly and accurately, and find out the pain points and problems in the actual operation process, so as to provide targeted policy guidance, resource coordination and other kinds of support services.

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Zuo Hongyan, general manager of the company, expressed his sincere thanks and high evaluation in response to the visit and guidance of Director Liu Xiuling and Secretary Sun Yu. He believes that the inspection work is not only a comprehensive and in-depth review of the operation of the company, but also a valuable learning opportunity. At the same time, he also has high hopes, looking forward to further strengthening the cooperation with the government and other sectors of society in the future, forming a synergistic effect, and jointly promoting the enterprise to the first stage of development in the new historical stage, to create more brilliant performance.

Post time: Apr-07-2024